Natalia Wieteska envee furniture design

b. 1986, HK.

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I am a furniture designer. 


awards :

Red Dot Design Concept 2017
Award of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


Publications :

Wallpaper magazine
Modern Decoration Home Magazine


Natalia Wieteska, a Polish designer, is passionate about simple and refined design, placing great importance on detail. Believes that good design can present itself immediately, usually the encompassing idea can be read instantly - and informs every design decision from inception to final construction. Founder of Envee furniture brand.

A former graduate of Fine Arts, in Poland, this grounded her in strong design principles and a keen knowledge of proportion, composition and using colour. This helps to find the most harmonious visual balance in every scheme. 

Studying design in Spain, and working as an Interior Designer in Poland provided her a basis in 'working design', only to become a Design Manager in a high end Interior Design practice in the United Kingdom. Allowing her to refine her technical knowledge and excel in people management. Natalia is a design enthusiast, her persistence gained the notice of the international press - Wallpaper Magazine or Chinese Modern Decoration Home Magazine, in which she has featured. Awarded with Red Dod Concept Design 2017. 

CV available upon request.